Pagan Kingdom, Khmer Empire, Trading Kingdoms, and Vietnam

 Pagan Kingdom(840-1200)            Khmer Empire(800-1200)                                Trading Kingdoms (750-1025)             Vietnam(Present Day)

Pagan Kingdom- Their major leader was Anawrahta. This Kingdom built many temples. They were a Buddhist Kingdom. For more, CLICK HERE.

Khmer Empire- Their most significant leader was Angkor Wat. This empire had Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. One of their achievements was that rice farming made them wealthy. For more on the Khmer Empire, CLICK HERE.

Trading Kingdoms- This was better knows as Srivijaya. They had many leaders and they were Buddhist. They were well known for their architecture and Buddhist art. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Vietnam- The leaders of Vietnam are the Trung Sisters. This is a current day place. Its capitol is Hanio and they have Daoism and Buddhism. For more on Vietnam, CLICK HERE.

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