Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook

We all are aware of the power of Facebook when it comes to expediting the growth of a business. However, not only Facebook but the efforts of marketer are also required to achieve the great results. Having a Facebook page is not sufficient as regular customer engagement is also necessary.

Here, in this article, shared are the powerful tips to get most user engagement on Facebook.

1. Gain deep knowledge

People on senior position usually have deep understanding of the business. That makes them successful in their vertical. For getting success from Facebook, it very important for marketers:

a. To understand their specific area of responsibility

b. Deeply know the mission and vision of the company

c. To understand the macroeconomic forces and trends in their own and other industries.

  2. Learn to gather crowd around you

Be authentic in your work and try to reflect your true personality in the work. Leverage the strengths you possess and don’t try to switch your personality, just be yourself, in order to make people follow your lead.

3. Use visual element like images, infographics

Photos get better response on social media platforms and can engage more users, an average 87% more. Try to offer variety in the images to maximize the number of audience and appeal to everyone. Images with quotes and text content (infographics) are helpful in getting better response on Facebook.

4. Best time for post

For more user engagement and getting more likes, shares and comments, choose a time when your target audience is not at work. In no-busy hours, people tend to use their Facebook more and that is an opportunity for you to catch their interest.

5. Schedule the posts for best days

Researches tell that on Wednesdays and weekends are the best days to post on Facebook, since the traffic on these days is much more than regular weekdays.

6. Post simple content

There are multiple forms in which you can post content on the Facebook like- text, images, albums, links, videos etc., but the most interested content is one that is simple and for all. It is the reason why status updates get maximum user engagement. Avoid complicated posts with very long stories and thumbnail photos.

7. Follow the 70/20/10 rule

A powerful rule of social media engagement says that:

70% of the overall posts should offer value to the audience, like news and useful article.

20% of total posts should be reposts from others content be it on Facebook or from other social media platforms like twitter, WordPress etc.

10% posts should be the promotional ones from your own firm.

Marketers must know and follow this rule to maximize their ROI from Facebook page.


Facebook is not only a social engagement platform but a great medium for all businesses, either big or small, to gather a large crowd for their brand. These handy tips are definitely helpful if marketers are committed to provide value to the users.

If you find this information helping or you have some more points to add in it, do contact us.