What is my dog thinking ?

Bailey, Gwen. What Is My Dog Thinking? San Diego, CA: Thunder Bay, 2002. Print

1) Panting: To breath rapidly in short gasps.
2) Howl: To cry or wail loudly.
3) Loyalty: A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection.
4) Territory: An area of land; region.
5) Aggression: Hostile or destructive behavior or actions.

1) Dogs do not sweat. They pant to cool themselves.
2) Dogs in a wild pack live in a social hierarchy.
(the strongest and smartest lead)
3) Stroking dogs has been proven to help the blood pressure of the human doing the stroking.

Personal Connection:
This book has some very interesting facts and it has some good tips how to treat your dog.
After I read this book I payed more attention to my dog and I understand her better now.

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