The Murder of Odin Llyod

Description- Odin Lloyd was shot and killed in an industrial park. Aaron Hernandez was arrested 9 days after the murder. He was charged with Lloyd's murder. Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace, were also arrested in connection with Lloyd's death. Prosecutors say both men were with Hernandez when they drove to the place of murder. Hernandez was indicted by a grand jury for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Eight months later, Ortiz and Wallace were also indicted for the murder in the same crime.

Mystery- Aaron Hernandez claims he is not guilty and has no motive for the crime. Evidence like destroying his own security system and phone along with suspicious phone texts all point to Hernandez's crime. If it was not Hernandez then who was it.


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3) CNN.

Victims- Odin Llyod. Shot at Industrial Park one mike away from Hernandez's Home

Suspects- Aaron Hernandez, Carlos Ortiz, Ernest Wallace.

Evidence- Texts messages:  on the day of Llyod's death texts between Hernandez and two out of state friends stated suspicious activity. Also Texts of warning from Lloyd to his FiancĂ©, also Hernandez's sister.

Rented Car- day of murder car keys to a rented car were found in Hernandez's pocket.

Clean up- after the murder Hernandez destroyed his home security system and cell phone when being searched by police. Also house cleaners were hired the day after the murder.

Narrator- Aaron Hernandez 50 years later is found dead in his cell after being stabbed during a prison riot. In his cell is a stack of papers, that is Hernandez's own life story through his own perspective and gives a tell all of his entire life from when he first signed to college.

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