Chef Carol

Cooking is a passion that I have.

When I cook, I feel like theres nothing you can't do, you can be a scientist, or an artist, because you have to be exact, experiment and add color to your food.

I love to listen to music when I cook, and a song that I listen to all the time is cool kids.

One of my favorite shows and networks is FoodNetwork. I can learn new tricks about cooking and laugh at others mistakes. Cutthroat Kitchen is an amazing show, because all these chefs go through intense sabotages.


People cook for many reasons, I cook to have fun and I love to do it. When I can learn new tricks, I use them instantly. But i'm not just a chef, I LOVE TO BAKE!!

Baking is just like cooking. Except with more art and detail added.

I hope to make it here someday!! Cooking is a sensation that needs to be tried by everyone.

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2 years ago

Awesome carol