Statement Necklaces – Everything There Is To Know About Them

Women’s fashion always has something new and exciting to look forward to. Every change of season has a new trend that can be seen being sported by women around the world. And when there isn’t anything new in the market, the fashion world picks up an old style, revamps it and brings it forth as an amazing new look! Be it clothes, accessories, footwear or jewelry, you can never run short of something new when it comes to women’s fashion.

One of the latest trends that have been making the rounds in the fashion circle these days is statement necklaces. Wearing a chunky piece of jewelry around your neck to glamorize whatever outfit you are wearing, be it casual or formal or a full blown party dress – this is the most happening thing going on in the fashion circuit these days. The celebs are doing it.. The girl next door is doing it.. And you too should think about having a statement necklace or two in your accessories kit so that you are not left behind in this continuing trend. But before you go ahead and buy one of these jewelry pieces for yourself, there are some aspects that you must understand. Here is a basic guide about buying statement jewelry for yourself. These tips will help you make all the right choices and create a killer look for your upcoming occasion.

  • When you think about buying statement necklaces for yourself, you must first consider your skin tone. The colour of the stones and metal used in the jewelry should work with your skin colour and bring out the best in you. Like silver metal suits people with a cool skin tone better than gold.. Make sure you get the combination right.
  • There is no particular type of clothing that will suit statement jewelry. In fact, these necklaces even work well with conservative style clothes like the abaya. These jewelry pieces are designed with solid colors which offer you a range of designs and accents to choose from.
  • You should pair your statement necklace sensibly with the rest of your accessories. If you are out to wear an elaborate piece like a choker, keep the other accessories mute and simple. In fact, it is a better option to go without the added earnings, bangles and rings. On the other hand, if you prefer to wear dangling earrings with your cocktail dress, skip the necklace.
  • The thing that makes these necklaces stand apart is contrast. You should always try and pick out a jewelry piece that is in a completely contrasting colour from the rest of your outfit. Black and white, blue and peach, black and silver, gold and white and yellow and blue are great colour combinations to work with.

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