Jamal edward

information about Jamal Edward

Jamal Edward is just 23 years old the amateur film maker is now worth over £8 million. Jamal is the owner of SBTV, a broadcasting company that makes videos - typically music videos featuring rap and pop music stars - and puts them up on YouTube. Attracting millions of hits, the business continues to make a fortune by taking a percentage of YouTube's advertising revenues for adverts that are linked to its videos.

It is not a bad living for a young man who got into film-making after his parents gave him a basic video camera as a Christmas present when he was 15, and someone who by his own admission has no formal training.

Jamal Edward used good planning to set up his you tube channel and to get together with a bunch of his friends (who are in his you tube channels) and he started sharing the video around the whole world.

Jamal Edward is creative because at the age of 16, Jamal Edwards founded SBTV which he still runs as CEO. what started as a UK online urban music channel has quickly grown into an innovative and exciting music lifestyle media.

Jamal Edward is innovation because not many people start their own you tube channel at the age of 15   so this means he is determine to become popular on you tube his got over 150 thousands subscribers.

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