Wildlife Science Management.

By: Andrew Yock

Career Overview.

Wildlife Science and Management- teach people how to preserve and manage ecosystems, habitats, and animals.

There are many different programs within Wildlife Science and Management you can go into Wildlife Biology, Marine & aquatic Biology Environment science, Freshwater & Saltwater Ecosystems, and many more that are all connected into Wildlife Science & Management. They work to manage and conserve ecosystems of animals on land and in the water they also work to animal habitats an animals they work to balance the needs of animals and humans living in the same area.

Career Skills and Intrests.

Have a good communication and interpersonal skill, the ability to work with minimum supervision, volunteer experience in the community, work experience in a position with responsibility and trust, work experience in a position involving significant interaction with the public, ability to speak and understand a second language, first aid/or CPR certified.

Career working conditions.

Wildlife Managers may work indoors or out doors depending on what they are doing on that day, being out doors may contain rough terrain and extreme weather conditions, travel may be conventional such as car boat but it also can be unconventional such as horseback, snowmobile, canoe and others.

The Physical demands of this job are high you may have to work with injured animals causing the risk of injury higher.

Hours for this job are usually weekday hours, overtime may be a short notice occurrence from a hurt animal to responding to a legal action or even going and giving a educational outreach.

Career Outlook and Wages.

Wildlife Management workers get paid by the hour and how many hours the work in a week.

Benefits are paid vacation, sick leave, holidays, Health, vision, and dental insurance are giving a long with long term insurance.

Wildlife Management workers wages depend on what there area of Wildlife Management is but the Hourly wage is usually $ 29.64, and there Annual salary is $61,660.

Career Related Jobs.

Wildlife Biology,Marine and aquatic biology, Environmental science, Fresh and salt ecosystems, Natural resource management and policy and many more.

Program Overview.

Wildlife Science and Management teaches you how to take care of ecosystems of animals it also teaches you how to handle animals that are injured of in a environment where they can hurt them selves such as a deer in a city. You can also take this career into different career choices dealing with the same situations.

Program Admissions.

This career may require two years of a second language. It depends also on what career choice you want to go into you may need different programs of study for your choice in your career.

Wildlife Management.

Natural Resources Management.

General Computer application.


Anatomy and Physiology.


Environmental science.

Algebra & Geometry.

Typical course work.

Animal Behavior

Business Management



Endangered species

Fisheries Science

Forest science


Natural Resource Management and conversation

Park management

Political science

Species management

Watershed Hydrology

wildlife habitat

wildlife population management.

Wildlife science.

Colleges that Provide my Career.

Colorado State University - Fort Collins

South Dakota State University

Size of Colorado State- 150,000 Midsize city.

Location- Northern Colorado.

Admissions- Students must must have a GPA of 3.25 of higher and a ACT of 20+.

Financial Aid- Presidential scholarship, Dean's Scholarship, Partnership award.

Housing- there are 10 halls to stay in at CSU.

Activities- CSU is home to 16 Division 1 sports, they have men and women Basketball, Golf and many more.