A Reflection

Theory: Self Image

Self image refers to how an individual sees their self, but this "image" is not always realistic. This image can be impacted by other individuals. Personal identity and social identity affect an individual's self esteem. How you interact with others. Many different aspects such as self esteem, social roles, and personality traits effect an individual's self esteem. This idea changes over time due to life experiences.

Everyday Life

The media makes it difficult for individuals to be themselves without comparing themselves with others and the idea of "perfection". Social media promotes "relationship goals" and "body goals" instead of encouraging people to live originally. This is not only a feminine problem, which can be seen in the Old Spice advertisement.

  1. "Look at your man, then back to me. Sadly, he isn't me"
  2. "He could smell like he's me"
  3. "When your man smells like Old Spice and not like a lady"


This year has helped me grow as a person. My ENG112 college class challenged me to push myself. I put a lot of effort into my English course. I had to manage my time and plan out my essays. My final presentation at the end of this course forced me to speak in front of my fellow classmates. My social skills were strengthened due to this presentation which affected my self image. According to the article, "What is Self Concept?", a key component of the social identity theory is an individual's social identity and the ability to interact with others. Through out life, different experiences can change an individual's perspective on how they view themselves.

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