I like dogs because, they are fun to play with. They are very cute, and they make a great companion  

Dogs can be very big or small it depends. Lots of dogs are mean, but others are very nice, it just depends.

Dogs are very smart animals. Sometimes can play with them selves. If the dog doesn't know the person the dog will smell them, and remember the smell till the dog smells that person again

Dogs can be very protective over people, so the dog might bark at you. Some dogs can be hunters, others can be entertainers, and lots more.Dogs sort of have personalities like people if you think about it.  

Dog food it's very important to your dog, and if you don't your dog might have problems with its stomach.    

Bathing it's a very important part of having a dog. The dog would stink if you didn't give it a bath. If it is a big dog then you should probable give it a bath outside, but if it is a smaller dog you probable can give it a bath in a bath tub.    

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