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May Edition

Picture by: Alexis Andreozzi

Sports Beat: Girls

8th Grade Girls Track Update

Track season is now over! Our eighth grade girls have done a great job representing our school! They came in second place overall in district. If you see any track girls around in the school congratulate them on their great job this year!

Article by: Rachel Drennon

7th Grade Girls Track Update

The seventh grade track team girls are district champs this year. The 7th grade girls athletic class has done very well this year in all sports. “The 7th grade girls are good role models for the future 7th grade girls athletics, with their number 1 in basketball and track.” “Next year hopefully we will get number one in not only basketball and track but volleyball too,” says Coach Hawkins. “Maybe next year we will know a little bit more on what needs to be worked on in all sports.” “Its been a good year for the 2020 class overall, but next year will be better” states Meghan Brewington, participant on the volleyball, basketball, and track team.

Article by: Cyndi Butler


8th Grade Dance

There is a lot going on for this month! One of these many important events is the 8th
Grade Dance! It is May 22, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The admission is $3.00 and it’s $1.00 for snacks. There will be lots of fun things to do. One of those things being, of course, dancing! So dress to impress… or not! Bring a date or some friends. But most important, have fun!

Article by: Devin Cormier

Sports Beat: Boys

Sports Interview: Alex Rojas

Alex Rojas

Alex Rojas is a 8th grade athlete that goes to Mineola Middle School. When I asked him what he thinks of our athletic season this year, he replied with “This year was alright, but it could have been better with more effort."I also asked him does he believe we did better this season than last year he said, “Yes, especially in track." He also told me that he contributes in athletics by pushing the people in offseason and track when he is running. When I asked him if he thinks Jacket Camp is good for you, he said “Yes, because it keeps you in shape and doesn’t make you lazy during the summer time."

Article by: Shaw Franklin

Lineman Challenge

On May 9th Mineola will be hosting the All Pro Lineman Challenge. That is where a bunch of schools come prepared with their top lineman to compete in a bunch of challenges to see which school has the top lineman. It is sort of like an obstacle course slash strength competition.

Article by: Preston Mosher

Club Beat

EOC: 8th Grade

Eighth grade algebra boys and girls, your test is coming up and I know Mrs.Pruitt is stressing ya’ll out about everything about the test. On the test day don’t be nervous just take your time and take deep breaths, because everyone knows that you can do it and believes in you. Don’t stress about the test just remember all the strategies Mrs. Pruitt has taught you, because everything she teaches you in class will definitely help you with the test. Good luck eighth grade,we know that you all will do a fantastic job and ace that test!

Article by: Karina Bautista

Journalism Club Interview

Autumn Hill

Photo Edited by Autumn Hill

She joined the Journalism Club, because of a her great interest in writing. She really enjoys the topics Mrs. Ledkins assigns them, because it gives her a chance to share an opinion and how she feels about that topic. Being in Journalism has fueled her desire to write a novel and has made her a better photographer. She likes writing more than photography because of her love to read. She’s always wanted to make a story that people will love and makes them happy. Her weakest point is taking the pictures, they tend to come out blurry and unfocused. Her strongest point is writing “When I usually get a topic to write about I can create the paragraphs easily, because I feel comfortable doing it.” Although competitions don’t have a place here, they’ve done group projects. One of them she did with Andrea Valdez, they took pictures of different poses and organized others in poses. When it comes to topics they’re assigned, they just have to come up the ideas. “I would just say that the world is always camera ready, and you shouldn't doubt whether or not people will like the picture you took. Just take it and don't care about what people say about it there are photo opportunities everywhere.”

Article by: Madison Reardon

Current Features

Mother's Day

The day that mothers all over the world are honored for all of the hard work that they do to support the average family, is a well deserved holiday. Mother's Day is a holiday created by Anna Jarvis is the year of 1908; shortly in 1914 Mother's Day became an official U.S. holiday. After the holiday was announced official, Anna Jarvis spent almost the rest of her life to eliminate it. Not always, but most years, Mothers Day falls on the second Sunday of the of May. Mothers all over the world get surprised with lovely flowers, cards, and a variety of other gifts. What will you do for you mother this year on Mother's Day?

Article by: Crimsin Underwood

Field Day

Field Day is happening on May 29th. It is going to be awesome. As some of you know we haven't and aren't going to have water day, this day is just a replacement. There will be way more activities to do like wiffle ball, flag football, dodge ball/ kickball, powder puff football, basketball, gaga pit, water balloon toss, water balloon volleyball, and even karaoke. This is going to be an all day event concluding with the championship basketball games. Student Council will also be running a dj booth and there will be a concession stand. So, don't forget to bring money! This day will be the best school day ever (besides the last day of school of course.) This day might even be better than water day, you can be the judge.

Article by: Kaitlyn Burrell

Academic Beat

Spring Concert

Alright peeps, it time to show the whole school how AWESOME you are. Tuesday the 19th, MMS will be holding a Spring Concert for all grades. The concert starts at 7:00 pm. Make sure you bring your whole family and show everyone you're AWESOME talent. Don’t worry about stage fright, everyone will have a great time. Plus, everybody looks ridiculous on stage, it just part of the fun. Hakuna Matata! It means no worries! Promise!

Article by: Faith Rodriguez

Memorial Day

Mineola Independent School District will dismiss students on Friday May 22nd. Students will not return until May 26th because of Memorial Day Holiday. Memorial Day Holiday is to honor those who died in the military serving our beloved country.

Article by: Jade Stockton

Student of the Month

Jackson Anderson

Jackson Anderson

Jackson Anderson is the 6th grade boy May Student of the Month. He is the son of Amy and Leon Anderson, and he has two brothers Austin and Riley Anderson. His birthday is October 21, 2002 and he is 12 years old. His favorite subject is recess and favorite color is red. Outside of school he enjoys playing video games and his favorite is FIFA. His favorite sports team is LSU. His hopes are to go to L.S.U and to be an engineer.

Article by: Tiara Stephens

Tahjae Black

Tahjae Black

Tahjae Black is the 6th grade girl student of the month for May. She is 12 years old and her birthday is January 21, 2003. She plays basketball, softball, and volleyball. She is a cheerleader, gymnast, and a jump roper. She is involved in F.C.A. Her favorite color is blue and favorite subject is english. Outside of school she enjoys playing sports. She plans on going to Baylor and being a child therapist.

Article by: Tiara Stephens

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