Moving Audiences Naturally Through Art

An  interview with Ronnie C. Wright on his upcoming book & exhibition
by Cam Cane

When did you start with Leica?

At the age of 19, I held my first Leica. I learned photography while working as a student at Information & Publication Services, at the University of Florida. There, I won a PBS Documentary Film Award. To date, I'm the author of 15 books, including 4 books on photography.


“I define “MANTRA” with the letters in the word itself – Moving Audiences Naturally Through Relevant Art. The book will contain a simple focus, I coined [art] > activating relevant thought. Further, I seek [width] > word image design through habits in an exhibition; while on the other hand - word image design through history in a book - all at the same time seeking a happy harvest." - Ronnie C. Wright

Explain your vision for the upcoming book and what you see?

“Photographs are silent [films] or in other words - ‘featured images linking multiple stories in different languages. A good story is a good story regardless of the language. My stories are digital stories because it’s a very relevant language. The first time I created stories with Leica, I fell in love. At that moment, I committed myself to [you] > your own uniqueness. A book is the ultimate silent movie and, I enjoy making them. MANTRA is my mantra - moving audiences naturally through art. I seek to exhibit the beautiful black and white photography with things as primary as [abc] > artistic attitude+brilliant lighting+creative composition.”

How do you work?

"I work with two words - beginning with [results] > realizing every step ultimately leads to success then [action] > actively choosing to improve options now."

What is your high point?

Now! - it's a natural open opportunity waiting..."

"I seek to extend [links] > logically increasing new knowledge essence, it's networking and entertaining - a process further linked to increasing awareness, balance & creativity through width."

Ronnie C. Wright is the author of 15 books – 4 on photography; and has received 7 prestigious media awards including recognition as an Inc. Magazine, “Inc. 5000 Honoree;” two Bronze Medals from the Bleacher Reporter for writing & photography; an honorary doctorate from the International Hall of Fame of Inventors; and, a PBS Documentary Film Award. In addition to his creative work, he is a continuing scholar and host of the Dr. Stayfine Show. Wright studied at Florida, Harvard & Stanford. His upcoming book on photography is titled: MANTRA – Moving Audiences Naturally Through Relevant Art.