Holocaust Stories

The holocaust was a part of history where many Jews and other types of people such as Gypsies were being killed and murdered because of a man named Adolf Hitler who considered them a threat.   

Labor and discipline for young children...

The young children were sent to different places after a certain amount of time. When they are 10 years old, after 4 years of the Young Folk, they are sent to be in the Hitler youth for another 4 years. If their National Socialists is not fully complete, they go to a Labor Service and for the next 6 to 7 months they are to be smoothed out there. The Wehrmacht (German armed forces) will take care of any social status or class consciousness. Many young Germans were won over to Nazism in the classroom and through extracurricular activities. Teachers went to join the Nazi Party and by 1936 some 300,000 people had joined.

Killing operations hidden and not spoken of...

In the holocaust, the Germans tried to write down as little as possible. The leaders didn't give much information on the killing operations, and they wanted to continue in a more systematic but improved way or behavior. The papers that did have the killing plans on it were stamped with the words “Geheime Reichssache”. In English this means state secret, therefore these papers were required to have special handling to keep their enemy from knowing what the plans were. Adolf Hitler ordered for the killings to not be talked about directly in German documentation or in public statements. They said secrete codes and did other things such as this to make sure nobody else knew. Heinrich Himmler decided that the documents with the killing information should be destroy so they could keep it from the enemy. Some of the papers survived.This would keep the killing a secrete like he wanted.

A story of one man

Leo Schneiderman was a young boy when all this happened, he was one of the hundreds and thousands of people that went to the camps. He says there were only 2 buckets for over 100 people in each car. Hardly any room in the car, since he was young he climbed to the top of the car to see where they were going, reading signs and soon one man said they were going to Krakow because he recognized the signs. After a while they passed some polish peasants. He saw some of them were making signs, such as pointing to the sky as in heaven and some took their pointer finger and slid it across their throats as a symbol as death. He didn't tell the other people in the car because he didn't want them to panic. After he got there he was forced to work at a uniform factory, after all that time of working and going through the things that he went through when he was there, he still survived and this was him telling his story as how he remembered it. I'm sure that the very little number of people that did survive will never forget this time period in history.

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