Live in the Southern Colonies

Luxury is a gift we can give


The colonies in the beautiful region of the South are......

Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.


Here in the Southern Colonies we have plantations. On the plantations the houses are beautiful. Just think, one of them could be yours! Farming is the main way of life here. I might say it is a mighty fine way to live also. The growing season is amazing. It's longer than any other region.

Down here we are the largest colony. I believe that says something. Everyone loves it down here so we have the most people. The people from the north always end up too cold so they migrate to the better living environment. We will never run out of food because the plantations take care of everyone. We are also right next to the best place for growing wheat. Just head up a few hundred miles and you've got all the bread you want. Just come on back down to get all the jam and jellies to add to your bread.

Seasons of Love

The seasons here is the South are fantastic! The summer is long so you can never get too cold! The kids can run and play in the warm summer air for months! But in the short mild winter that we have you can snuggle with the ones you love around a nice warm fire! Grab your kids and your spouse and read a book or play a game!

Making the Moola

The industry in the South is very broad and anyone can be rich! You can make money off of everything from cotton to naval supplies! The plantations provide the resources to bring in the cash! You'll have  people begging you for cotton, tobacco, rice, timber and naval supplies. The money will come flowing and you too can live the life of luxury!


The soil is the richest in all the regions! The South is the perfect place for growing tobacco, cotton and rice! The cotton is perfect for the softest of blankets; the tobacco is great for the cash flow, and you can never have too much rice! The land is beautiful! Watching the morning sunrise over the plantation fields is gorgeous! Nothing beats an evening on the porch watching the sunset with your family!

Live Like Royalty

The houses down here in the south are just gorgeous. But I didn't have to tell you that I bet you already knew. The pillars in the front and the many stories. Most of our houses are symmetrical makes everything come together perfectly! With the plantations and beautiful houses you can't go wrong in the South!

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