The Muslim Empire

Out of Mecca, East to India, West across North Africa and on into Spain.

The Muslims contributed things like astronomy, medicine, banking. All things we need for today.

  This period of time was known as the Muslims golden age. The Muslim Empire began around the time 673 A.D and lasting until the Mongol conquest of Baghdad.  Three centuries after the death of Mohammad, the Arab Caliphates extended from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to Central Asia in the east.  In later years a few things that weakened and nearly destroyed the Muslim Empire were destructive Mongol Invasions from the East, and the loss of population due to the Black Death.

  The Islamic culture was one of the few during this time that spread their empire successfully. In the eighth century, all of northern Africa, the Liberian Peninsula, India and Indonesia all became Islamic lands. The Muslims were stopped at France by the Franks in the Battle of Tours.  A line that the Islamic people go by is out of Mecca, East to India, west across North Africa, and on into Spain.  They say this because their main homeland was in Mecca and that was the way that they planned and almost succeeded at expanding their land.

  The Muslim Empire contributed many things to our modern day society. Things that are very important and today we couldn’t live without.  Mathematics, medicine, astronomy are just a few things that this great culture provided for our society today. Contributions included these people were the ones to create algebra and trigonometry. The Muslim Empire was very advanced in medicine. Before this time they had no idea what to do when it came to the human body but the Muslims figured it out. They created doctors which first were requires to pass exams before practicing medicine.  They then wrote medical textbooks for them to go by.  As if you thought they weren’t smart enough they began looking into the Greek ideas of astronomy.  They studied the stars and created astronomical tables. This culture was one of the first to be this advanced in this time.

  One thing that I found very interesting from the Muslim Empire was that their three basic foods were wheat, olive oil and wine, though it is said that people of the religion Islam should not drink alcohol, they did and the ones who didn’t drank tea instead. Men were allowed to have as many as four wives but only if they were rich enough to take care of them all. The people of the Islamic Religion were also the ones who got archery and chess started.

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