The beginning of grunge

Mudhoney Performing

Mudhoney was a band that popped up into the punk rock scene in 1988 and made mainstream a new style with dirty sound and high distortion called grunge. They named themselves after the 1965 Russ Meyer film "Mudhoney". They were composed of Mark Arm on guitar and vocals, Steve Turner on guitar, Dan Peters on drums, and Matt Lukin on bass who retired from music in 2001. Now they have Guy Maddison on bass. They found minimal commercial success but were very popular among the grunge and punk scene. They inspired and set the stage for many great grunge and punk bands like Nirvana, which is considered one of the greatest grunge bands of all time. Kurt Cobain listed Superfuzz Bigmuff as one of the albums he thought were most influential to Nirvana's sound in his journal in 1993. Many people say that if Mudhoney never would have gotten together Nirvana may never have even been thought of. “Touch Me, I’m Sick,” Mudhoney’s first single, sold out its first three pressings. They released there first studio album, Mudhoney, on November 1, 1989, Every good boy deserves fudge in 1991, Piece of cake in 1992, My brother the cow in 1995, Tomorrow hit today in 1998, Since we've become translucent in 2002, Under a billion suns in 2006, The Lucky Ones in 2008, and there newest album Vanishing Point in 2013.

(First Picture) Kurt Cobain (Right,Left on 2nd picture),Mark Arm (Left)
Mudhoney performing in June 2007