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Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalysis

"Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious." -Sigmund Freud

Have you ever had a nightmare? Most people would say yes. The most common things for people to have nightmares about are death, getting lost, and sometimes being naked in public. Dreams, on the other hand, often times make no sense. You could have purple skin, be wrestling with an alligator, or just be talking to someone. Some people see nightmares and dreams as a sign of things to come, an omen. Freud has other ideas.

Freud's theory on dreaming starts with repression. Remember when you were seven and you were dared to eat that worm by your best friend? You probably don't even think about it that often, whether or not you choose to look back and think about is up to you. I wouldn't want to remember throwing up afterwards. Most people have had some type of experience similar to this, one where they just don't want to remember the poor decisions they made. They repress these memories and act as if they never happen.

Years down the line, you might be having weird dreams about the ground, bugs, maybe even getting eaten. This is your subconscious trying to bring your memory back around. You may not look too far into your dreams, or even remember them.  Most of the dreams you have are forgotten within the first 10 seconds after waking up. If you aren't thinking about that dream the moment you wake up, you probably won't even know you had been dreaming. This is why most people keep dream journals by their bed side, to capture the little bits of their dreams they can still recollect. Sigmund Freud kept a dream journal himself.

If you choose to believe Freud, take a little time to reminisce every now and then. You might find something out about your dreams.

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