Did you know.....

Hey- you can check out things from Title I!

iPad Adapters!

Title I has iPad adapters available (on a limited basis) for you to check out. The adapter pictured above is a VGA adapter. You can use it to connect your iPad to a projector that has a VGA output. This allows you the ability to project what is on your iPad screen and avoid the glare that can come from setting your iPad on the document camera.  

The adapter pictured below is a digital AV adapter. It can be used for the same purpose- connecting your iPad to a projector to display your iPad screen. The digital AV adapter gives you HDMI support and works with newer projectors that have an HDMI input/output. Title I also has HDMI cables you can check out with these these adapters.

If you are using your iPad for presenting the adapters are a must have!

Books, DVDs and More!

You can also check out books and related materials like DVDs and VHS (yes, we have VHS) tapes! Click the button below to browse what is available.

What else can you check out?

  • iPads w/cases
  • Portable hard drives
  • USB thumb drives
  • Smart Pens
  • GoPro cameras
  • FlipCams
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Split Jacks
  • Netbooks

So how do I get this stuff?

If you are interested in checking out items from Title I- simply send us an email. We will get right on it!

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