by: Jessica,Angel

In 1996 El salvador invaded honduras after honduras landowners deported several thousand Salvadorans. Five thousand people ultimately died in what is called “the football war” because it broke out during a soccer game between the two countries. Roatan is located 30 miles off the north coast its located on the worlds second largest coral reef. The reef attracts fish and is known fro scuba diving.

The climate is tropical with cooler temperate weather in the mountains temperatures range from 61F to 68F.

Buses are the least expensive way to travel though they're often a pain. But if you want to travel at your own pace renting a car is a option.

Honduras has natural culture diversity. Artist in honduras portray a range of things like colonial heritage and themes of folklore, history, and religion in paintings, and writing.

The most honduras wake up and eat some baliada which is consists of a large flour tortilla with re-fried beans and cream that  are made of differnet type of fruit.

west bay beach, Roatan Honduras: infinity bay spa and resort is an exclusive upscale resort of 145 spacious one; two and three bedroom villas that are located om one of the best beaches in the world.

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