Mobile Apps for the Classroom!

For Teachers AND Students

#1. AudioNote

AudioNote combines the functionality of a voice recorder and a notepad. During lectures, students can record everything that is being said while also typing notes. Whenever notes are types, the time is recorded on the side if they wish to refer to a certain part in the audio recording.

If a student is unsure what the teacher had said about a certain topic, no need to search the whole recording, each note is a link directly to a certain point in the recording. Great for organizing and making your notes more efficient!

#2. French Verb Conjugator

This application has over 700 different verbs in 17 tenses. With a built-in serach function, this app serves as a great reference guide for students learning french.

If a student is unsure of the proper spelling of a verb in a certain tense (while writing for example), they only need to type the word into the search bar and there it appears! Especially helpful for those tricky irregular verbs.

#3. WordReference

This app is based off of an online translation dictionary that I use very often. It has translation software for many languages and even gives sample sentences with definitions/translations.

This could be particularly useful for french immersion students who struggle with finding the correct word in french when completing assignments or who don't understand a word they've read.

#4. Flashcard Touch

This app allows users to create and store flashcards on your phone. It also gives you access to flashcards made available via Quizlet.

Students could write important facts/dates on the card for quick reference before tests and while studying. These could also be shared with other students.

#5. iFormulas

This app is a great reference guide for simple and complex math formulas, all organised by name and easy to find.

This would be perfect tool for students completing homework or as a reference while studying.

#6. Kids Calendar

This app is a kid-friendly (5-12) calendar organiser desgined to help children organize school and personal activities in a visually appealing and fun way.

Students could use this to mark down deadlines for assignments or to keep a regular study schedule, great way to get kids to start organizing their time!

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