A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Austin Muller
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Wix: Create Your Own Website
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Austin Muller

Growing up watching sports, children begin to idolize certain players, especially those who play for their favorite teams. With this commercial showing some of America’s all-time favorite players, and specifically one of my favorite player, Brett Favre, we get a glimpse into what their life after football might look like. Football is America's most popular sport and if a company were to associate themselves with some of the games greatest performers, then they would have a great marketing campaign to follow. Wix uses this tactic to show its simplicity and quality.

With the whole world of American football watching, Wix makes the argument that making professional looking websites is easy, quick, and anyone can do it. Wix uses humor, nostalgia, and wit to draw not only fans of these players and the game, but also those who are not aware of these personalities. They specifically target people who are seeking to make a website for their business without spending large amounts of money to make it look professional.

The advertisement begins with famous quarterback Brett Favre talking to a business associate or friend about what he should do next in his career.  The man who Favre is talking to suggest he build a website, "like everyone else."  The commercial then goes into a montage of other former NFL players and the small businesses they are starting up, along with the catchy and professional looking websites for their businesses.  

Wix, which is a relatively unknown company, is trying to show it's audience that it has credible substance behind it's marketing campaign, by showing the NFL stars advertising their hypothetical businesses with smart and witty website, that they made by using Wix's service. With the upbeat and overall light tones of the music and advertisement, each scenario tries to show how successful the players have been since using Wix.

Wix wants to sell its service based on the logical argument that if it is easy for someone who knows a lot about football and little about making a professional looking website. It would be just as easy for anyone else to do so, the ad also uses logos when it argues that Wix can make you happy. Each of the featured retired players have been out of the game for many years, yet they all look very happy and Wix wants the audience to draw a connection between their happiness and their service. Wix wants this audience to associate their business with the success and happiness of the stars. People want their businesses to succeed, and if Wix is able to show people that they can help them achieve that, then they will be able to sell their service.

Each player and their respective business has been specifically chosen to strike a chord with their playing days generation and geographical location. Brett Favre, who the audience sees first, played in the 90’s and is seen as a hard-nosed blue collar worker. Terrell Owens has had a loud personality, and played during the 2000’s. Emmitt Smith, arguably the best running back in NFL history and played for America’s Team, had his best days in the 80’s. Lastly, Franco Harris, who represents hard work and tradition, was a success in the 70’s. Wix was able to cohesively and effectively weave all these generations together in a matter of 30 seconds. This shows they found the perfect balance between giving the audience enough information and curiosity.

Wix uses the help of former NFL stars to expand on their credibility as a one-stop shop professional website builder. Humor, wit, and nostalgia are the major tools used by Wix to sell the idea that happiness and success for your business can be attained by the use of their offered service. No price or logistics are mentioned in the entire advertisement, Wix is banking on the fact that these stars and the look of their resulting websites can sell their product.

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