Multiple Styles of Wearing Abayas

Islamic outfits such as abayas and jilbabs depict the combination of modesty, simplicity and fashion. With fashion trends changing at a fast pace, Muslim women are trying to experiment different patterns and styles in abayas. During recent years abayas and jilbabs have become more popular and thus a large number of fashion designers are including these garments in their collection. One can even find abayas and jilbabs online.

Normally, abaya designs combine dark colors, trendy cuts and traditional themes. Other than traditional dark colors such as black or brown, many other colors are chosen in abayas today. Furthermore, fashion designers have also introduced certain exceptional styles of abayas.

Following are some popular styles of abayas:

Kaftan Abaya Featuring Front Knot

Kaftan Abaya with a front knot is the most popular style. Kaftan is an evergreen and stylish feature of abaya. It refers to butterfly-shaped sleeves. Sometimes cuffs and borders of these sleeves are adorned with embroidery work. Kaftan abayas mostly have a double-shirt design. Moreover, these have a modest neckline. This style of abaya is best-suited for party wear.

Open Sleeve Layered Abaya

This type of abaya has multiple layers and long sleeves. It is the second most popular style of abaya. For a classy and elegant look, Muslim women team this type of abaya with a hijab of matching color. Cuttings in this abaya has a unique layered pattern. Besides the layered pattern, this abaya also features a beautiful thread work along with sequins on its sleeves...

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