Conflict in the Phillippines:

Clan wars see families murder eachother in southern philliphines

Conflicts between Islamic insurgency groups, such as the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and the Phillippine government have been an issue for concern for forty years ever since the MILF rebel group formed with the goal of creating a separate Islamic state. This area of the southern Phillippines is very problematic in that great tensions exist between the Islamic rebel groups, and families/clans within this region of Mindanao. These 'family feuds' stem from minuscule conflicts over land and politics  and many times lead to violence and revenge. Family warfare is extrememly common and these clan wars run deep- resulting in violence and death in the southern province Maguindanao. As seen in the article, many innocent families have been surrounded or targeted by gunshots of armed men a part of the MILF. President Aquino of the Phillippines is therfore in the midst of negotiating a peace agreement by proposing the Bangsamoro Law which would create a separate autonomous political region in the southern Phillippines and hopefully end the violence that has already killed 200,000 people.

the main opponents in this issue is the Moro Islamic Liberation front (and the family clans within this region) and the Phillippine government under the presidency of Benigno Aquino. Although this conflict is internal, and no other countries are involved, the great amount of violence and revenge from opposing 'ridos' or clans has resulted in the death of more than 200,000 people. Many innocent families are being targeted, and their life's at risk, due to the increasing amount of disputes over land and politics. The cause of these conflicts stems from the fighting between the government and Islamic groups (such as the MILF). As a result, these insurgent groups not only stir up conflict between them and the government, but also within their region clan wars/violence begin to emerge as families dispute over land and politics. Despite these issues, efforts are being made to solve this problem non violently. President Aquino's proposal of the Bangsamoro Law would create an region in Mindanao under autonomous government, named after the Muslims who live there. Hopefully, this law would not only  increase the development of economic growth and decrease the rate of poverty, but help to solve the peace problem in the southern Phillippines. Additionally, The law should decrease the amount of violence between clans and Muslim rebel groups by instituting stronger justice laws and security.


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