Luxury Airlines

Want to fly overseas on the highest class airline in the world?

Luxury airlines is a private company that launches planes all over the world. From London to Las Vegas, services are available from thousands of airports worldwide. All passengers are treated like first class, with leg room twice as large than on regular planes, free drinks and snacks, high class meals, and personal video screens on the back of seats. Flying Luxair will turn your vacation into a high class journey over the world.

  • International flight prices start at only $855.
  • Regional flights between cities start at $500 with all the same amenities.
  • Because we are a private airline, you can contact us and request a destination and a flight time that fits right into your schedule, with the length of the flight determining the ticket price.

Call us at (1-800)255-5743 or visit our website for more info. at

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