Murder of the innocent
antisemitism means to have a very deep hatred for the Jews. The Nazis were practicing antisemitism, and so many thought they were sacrificing the Jewish children in spiritual rituals. The american's weren't too interested in getting involved in the German Nazis, and the Jewish bloodshed.

Life, Death, Murder

  However, there was a man who was an American Jewish leader named Stephen Wise. He had a conference talking about how Germans were killing European Jews. America, Great Britain and other Allied countries formed a declaration, that stated that Germany was to be punished if it continued carrying out it's plan. American writers, papers, and publishers didn't always write on what the Nazis were doing. Even when they did, they didn't always write the whole truth.

The concentration camps that the Germans were using were given that name in because they were placed in one location. In some camps doctors would experiment on prisoners. Another camp was the Killing Centers. These camps were specifically created for killing the Jews. The main way was by gassing them with toxic gass created to kill any one who breathed it in. About 6,000 Jews were killed a day.

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