Road Safety: Raising Awareness

Zach Mah

One of the main causes of car accidents are from distracted driving. Texting/talking on the phone while driving distracts you from the road, and you're way more prone to getting into accidents. It really isn't worth it to risk your life, just to communicate to someone about something, that's less important than life. If you really want to be the cool one, just don't risk your life. Be smart, whether it's in a car, on the sidewalk, or on a bike. Remember to look both ways, before crossing.

Always be weary when you're on and near the road. About 1.2 million people die due to car accidents/road problems each year, with over 50 000 people who are badly injured. Bikers no wearing helmets because they think it looks stupid, look "even dumber" if you were to get injured because of not wearing the helmet. It's sort of ironic.