Someone in this career choice specializes in one or more instruments with the purpose of entertaining others. They compose original music or perform covers for an audience. They participate in bands, orchestras, choirs, or independently.

Required Skills

  • Active Listening- Giving ones full attention to understand the point of what it is they are saying or playing.
  • Coordination- Adjusting Actions in relation to other actions
  • Social Perceptiveness- Be aware of others actions and why they act that way.
  • Speaking- Talking and conveying information effectively.   
  • Time Management- You have to practice so you have to fit the time into your schedule in order to do so.
  • Critical Thinking- Be able to have your own opinion on something that you are making or listening to.
  • Negotiation- You need to be able to get yourself payed. In order to do so you would need to be able to get yourself the job first.
  • Judgement- be smart about what you are making and what jobs you are taking.
  • Writing- in order to make your own songs and music you need to be able to write.


There is no education required to be a musician, but in order to get certain jobs that is part of this career choice you would need to get a college degree.

Associates Degree

Music Theory, Music composition and production, Ear Training, Instrumental Instruction, Music History

Bachelors Degree

Advanced Musical Composition, Classical Music Training, Physics of Music, Applied Vocal Training, Music Literature

Colleges that give these degrees and more includes, but is not limited to:

University of Northern Texas, Greenville University, Sam Houston State University, Stephen F. Austin, UT Austin, Arizona State University, Berklee College of Music, and Texas A&M

Salary Expectations

Job Outlook

For the next seven years the percentage of people who will actually get a job who wants it for this career is only 5% which is slower than normal.


The benefits of this career is that you get to meet new people and share your creativity and emotions with the people who hear your music.

Similar Careers

The Musician career choice has many branches such as Composer, Music Producer, Director, and Music Therapy.

Career paths similar to this career choice is Dance, Performance Arts, and Acting.

I choose this career to explore because I love music and I love to make music. It helps me to express my hidden emotions and to get through the day.

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