Do you know more than you think you do
By: Suzie Silvio

This is a piano.

First some basic facts. Did you know that there's 88 keys on the piano? Do you know who invented the piano? Do you know when the piano was invented? A lot of questions to ask. Well that's why I'm here to tell you all about piano. Christoforo invented the piano. The piano was invented in 1709! WOW that's more than 300 years ago! Next some famous composers. Do you know some of those famous composers? Scott Joplin is very famous for is work. I know how to play some of his songs to. He also has a whole book of songs. Third things that you play on the piano. Do you know what a scale is? Well if you don't a scale is were you play the same notes up and down at the same time but you have to do a certain kind of fingering.

This is a piano but its not a real one

Do you know what notes are?....... I didn't think so. Maybe some of you know what they are if you play a musical instrument. But i don't think you know what piano notes are. Piano notes are what you read on paper and play those notes. There's certain letters for the keys on the piano. There's only letter's C D E F G A B. those are all the keys in the order on the piano. now you know what notes are. A big question for you. Not me. Do you know what fingering is.......? I'll give you time to think. OK any one know what fingering is. OK I'll tell you what fingering is. Fingering is were you use your fingers and have to use right finger on each note and on the right spot. Those are some facts about piano!

This is the inside of a piano.