Muthanna Subbayya

The Diverse Personal and Professional Pursuits of Muthanna Subbayya

A graduate of the National Institute of Engineering (VTU) in Mysore, India, Muthanna Subbayya holds a bachelor of engineering with a concentration in computer science. As a VTU student, he cofounded and led a high school mentorship program while simultaneously serving as captain of both the track and basketball teams. After graduating with first-class distinctions, Muthanna Subbayya found employment as a QA lead manager, configuration controller, and on-site coordinator with State Street Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts. He most recently served as a senior technical account manager with the Atlantic Resource Group in Richmond, Virginia.

Outside of the business environment, Muthanna Subbayya remains active athletically as a triathlete, a mountain biker, and a hiker. He has also competed in a number of solo skydives. An accomplished guitar player, Mr. Subbayya is a founding member of the Mysore-based band Osmium and the Infosys and a rhythm guitarist in the Washington, DC, band Technical Support.