the Rosebery Middle school values are Safety, Respect, Bravery and Teamwork.

this is the value most known as safety because they are wearing helmets and building safely.

I used pixlr to edit this picture of safety these effects include text, smashed effect and firework stickers.

this is a value known as respect because they are respecting what the other players  did and that they did a good job.

this is an edited version of respect I edited it by changing the saturation

this is bravery because he is going at very high speeds and could lose control.

this i an edited version of  bravery I used an effect called Alex and I also used neon time.

this is teamwork because in this particular game you have to work together to finish the game.

i edited this photo by getting accessory stickers such as green glasses, pink glasses, pipe and an eye patch.

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