My name is Makenzie Hemmings . I am 24 years old. I have selected to be on the Union side. I live in Ohio. The year is 1863. I live with my sister while my husband is fighting in the war.


day 1

When i woke up I fixed breakfast and had some coffee. Then after that i had to babysit my sisters kids. When my sister finally got home from work i got some free time. I decided to go on a walk. I needed some time to myself and a break from the kids. On my walk all i could think about was my husband. I worry about him and miss him a lot. When i got home my sister wanted me to go shopping for food for dinner. So i went to the store and got some groceries. When i got home i fixed dinner and everyone sat down together and ate. After everyone was done i cleaned up the kitchen and table. I had to help my sister put her kids to bed. After that i went to bed.  

day 2

I have missed my husband so much. Today i decided to write a letter to him. I want to know how he is. So i am hoping he will get my letter. I heard that he is in a battle. I think it is the battle of Gettysburg. I saw this newspaper heading of it.

Battle of Gettysburg Starts Today.

Day 3

Today when i woke up my sister had breakfast made. So i went and sat down and ate with everyone. I had some coffee just like every other day. I had work today so i went to work. When i got back home I laid down and took a nap. I was so tired from work. When i woke up i played with my sisters kids. When we had dinner they asked where my husband was. I said he is gone for a while. He will be back one day. I talked to my sister later on and decided to donate some things to the war people. We put some food and blankets in a box to donate. I started thinking about the letter i sent my husband.I hope he writes back sometimes soon.

day 4

I checked the mail today and got a letter. I rushed in the house and opened it. Finally my husband answered.He told me how he was and things. I was so happy to hear from him. I smiled really big. I miss him so much.I showed my family the letter and they were happy too. My husband said one of the other battles he was in was the Battle of Philippi. He said it was the first battle they fought in the civil war.

day 5

Today there is an election. I am curious of who will become president. I will find out after i come home from working. Later that day when i got home my sister told me Abraham Lincoln got elected for president.

I am happy that he got elected for president. I think that he will be a good president. Everyone in town is happy. My family is happy.Hopefully he will make good things happen.

When i went to town to go shopping everyone was talking about it. Some people i know asked me how i felt about it and i said I'm happy about it. I hope it will make better things happen for my husband.

two newspaper headings i saw after this was

Abraham for president.

Everyone happy for Abraham

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