Martian Imagery

"You could hear the tinkle of ice in the lemonade pitcher" pg. 37

"The house smelled old, and the attic, and the infinitely comfortable." pg. 37

"The old man felt the fingers, warm and firm."  pg 121

"Lightning struck in the sky and broke the blackness apart." pg. 121

"It had been thirty years since he had been in a small town, and the buzzing of the bees on the air lulled and quieted him, and the fresh look of things was a balm to the soul." pg. 37

It smelled from a fresh mowing. pg. 37

"May I offer you a drink?"... "Their hands met and-like mist-fell through each other." pg. 82

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair."... "And from above, a beautiful maiden leaned out upon the night wind and let down her golden hair." pg 112

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