I.T. at St Michael's in 2013

Communicating, Collaborating and kicking goals

The two Key improvement Stategies I would like to concentrate on:

1) Build  teachers’ capacity to utilise pedagogy which engages students and reflects their needs.

2) Build connections and relationships within the school, local and wider community.

What do I do in my role?

I see my role very much as a supporting role. I will endeavour to help staff explore the possibilities of the use of IT in the classroom.

I will maintain, invest in and update the computer fleet with help from our Tech Tony who is here on Mondays for 3 hours.

I work hard to ensure that all of you have the best opportunity to teach our children in their world and that we can improve outcomes for every single child, improved teacher practice, knowledge and achievement.

Issue register


New staff meeting to run through Intranet


St Michael's Staff Blog

Change 2


  • To start a class blog on Global2 and communicate this to me when it's ready to go.
  • To support each other.
  • To share great ideas.
  • To have an open mind.
  • To have a 'have a go' attitude.
  • To approach me when you are not sure or you run into a problem.
  • To understand that IT needs to be explored to be understood. It needs a bit of time.
  • To be understanding that not everything can be fixed within a second. (I need my lunch sometimes)

How will I support you?

1. Regular I.T. PLT's

2. Through classroom support and assessment in I.T. lessons. (this is a partnership between you and I)

3. Through every 2nd Tuesday afternoon walk in sessions. (3.45 - 4.45 in different rooms)

4. Our problems register on 'my desktop' 'St. Michael's Computer Issue Register' but also in the 'Issue Register Book' for Term 1.

5. I will help you find PD that is accessible for you and is in line with the AAP.

6. Through personalised attention. (please fill in the form)


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