Tyler Adams

My name is Tyler Adams.  I go to Girard High School as a freshmen. Im A firefighter at A.F. Dobler Hose and Ladder Co.

I'm a Firefighter.

This is Brandon and i inside my first fire.  After we got back to the station from this fire i defiantly knew what i wanted to do as a career for the rest of my life.  There is just something that goes through your body when that pager goes off and you run to your gear, looking down the line of people praying that we will all come back safely.

I love fourwheeling

This is the kind of four wheeler i have.  Its a 2013 can am outlander 500.  I have crashed it two time and the second time i ended up in the hospital.  But when im not crashing it i go mudding and riding at the trails behind my house and my dads friends trails.

I like sitting around bond fires.

To me sitting around a fire on a cold night out in the country is relaxing.  After a long day of running calls and seeing people at there worse its nice to relax while waiting for that pager to go off again.

My Goals

I have three goals that i want to accomplish.  My first goal is to become the best firefighter that i can.  My second goal is to do better in school.  My third goal is to find out what friends are fake and what friends are real.

I want to visit Detroit.

I want to visit Detroit because i plan on moving there when i'm older to be a payed firefighter.  I would like to visit there before i make my decision so i know what it is like there.  They get the most fires then any other city and i want to stay busy.

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