52 IN 52

The 52 Albums that define my love for music

WEEK 42/Album 42

Who: Texas Is The Reason - "Do You Know Who You Are?"

When: Mid 1996

Why: My friends in a band called LIGHT were playing a show at The Symposium. (Yes, that Symposium). They were opening for 2 bands that were on Revelation Records called Texas is the Reason and Sensefield.  2 bands that I had never heard of. So, on my night out of camp, one week after the mid-blowing Snapcase/Refused show, I hustled up to Lakewood to catch this show.  As always, my friends' band was amazing. Then Texas is the Reason took that stage, and busted into Nickel Wound. Now, LIGHT was a heavy band, and Texas was very different from what I was expecting to hear.  They weren't screaming, they were rocking and the people in the crowd sang like their songs were yanking the words out right out of their mouths.  Its weird to say, but I felt their music. This new "emo" music. I left the show with this CD.

Where: The Symposium, Lakewood, OH 1996. St.Vitus, NYC, 2012

This one:

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The story of Texas is the Reason is a bummer one. Like many great bands of that time, they didn't last. Texas was only together for a couple years, and once they started to get bigger, they broke up. When I saw them first, I didn't know them at all. I didn't know how great their songs were.  Each song on this record has a life to its own.  Some records have 1 or two songs that you just don't like or skip, but this is not one of those records.  

Texas is the Reason is one of those bands that many kids in my age group can site as an influence, and a band at the start of the "emo" movement that would start to pick up steam shortly after they disbanded.  If bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Mineral are the godfathers of Emo, the Texas is the Reason are their kid that did it slightly better.

In 2012 they reunited for some final shows, and one of those was the Revelation Records 25th anniversary show in NYC.  It was great to see them again, but this time I was able to sing along. There were about 10x the people there this time then the show in '96, but it was ok. They did a string of shows after that, and then they stopped.  They stated that they are completely over, and this time it seems real, which is a shame.  Just another one of those bands that captured that brief moment in time and made something great with it.