history 1492-1877

by:quadrion and  michael perkins

Christopher Columbus arrives in the New WorldTreaty of TordesillasJohn Cabot claims Novia Scotia and Newfoundland for EnglandSpain implements Hatian encomiendaSmallpox epidemic reaches North AmericaHernando Cortes conqures the AztecsFerdinand Magellan circumnavigates the globeFrancisco Pizarro conquers the IncasSpain establishes first European settlement in North America, St. AugustineSir Walter Raleigh establishes short-lived British colony on RoanokeBritish navy defeats the Spanish ArmadaJamestown foundedSamuel de Champlain founds Quebec, fur trade is establishedHenry Hudson begins exploration of the Hudson River Tobacco first harvested in VirginiaFirst African slaves brought to the New WorldHouse of Burgesses established in VirginiaMayflower Compact drawn, establishing Plymouth Plantation as a colonyPowhatan Confederacy massacres VirginiansNew Amsterdam foundedMassachusetts Bay colony foundedMaryland founded as a refuge for CatholicsRoger Williams founds Rhode Island and promotes religious freedomConneticut foundedHarvard College founded Anne Hutchinson convicted of heresy and expelled from the Massachusetts Bay colonyNew England slave trade begins in BostonNew Amsterdam is renamed New YorkCharleston, South Carolina establishedKing Philip's War: British colonists vs. Wampanoag TribeBacon's RebellionQuaker emigrants arrive in New JerseyWilliam Penn establishes Philadelphia as a "holy experiment" of religious toleranceFirst public school established in PhiladelphiaKing William's War: Indians and French colonists vs. British colonistsSalem Witchcraft TrialsCollege of William and Mary foundedYale College foundedDeerfield, Massachusetts burned to the ground, killing 50Massachusetts outlaws interracial marriageBlack Code passed in VirginiaWave of German and Swiss immigrants arrive in the CarolinasSlave insurrection in New York City, killing 36New Orleans foundedFirst synagogue built in New York CityGreat Awakening led by Jonathan Edwards and George WhitefieldStono slave insurrection in South Carolina, killing 6550 slaves hanged in Charleston to preempt a slave insurrectionKing George's War: British colonists and Indians vs. French colonists and IndiansTreaty of Aix-la Chapelle ends King George's War Ohio Valley land claim confict between French and BritishFrench expand hold on Ohio Valley, establish Fort DuquesneFort Necessity establised by George Washington near Fort DuquesneFrench capture Fort Necessity and expel Washington's forcesBenjamin Franklin attempts to push Albany Plan of UnionUniversity of Pennsylvania founded, first nonsectarian college in the coloniesStreet lamps appear in Philadelphia17401748174916771682168917041705Discovery and Settlement of the New World: 1492-1650Eve

British take Fort Duquesne and rename it PittsburghTreaty of Paris calls for French surrender Ottowa chief Pontiac leads forces against the British in the Ohio ValleyConnecticut Courant becomes the first continually publishing newspaper in AmericaQuartering ActStamp ActStamp Act Congress meetSons and Daughters of Liberty foundedStamp Act repealed, Declaratory Act passedTownshend Revenue ActJohn Dickinson publishesLetters from a Pennsylvania Farmer condeming the Townshend ActSamuel Adams circulates a letter in the Massachusetts House of Representatives condemning "taxation without r John Hancock's ship Liberty siezed in Boston Harbour on suspicion of smugglingBritish troops occupy BostonBoston MassacreRhode Islanders burn British customs ship GaspeeTea ActBoston Tea Party destroys East Inda Company cargo in the Boston Harbour Coercive Acts and Quebec Act (known collectively as Intolerable Acts) Ann Lee founds the Shaker MovementFirst Continental Congress meetsBattles of Lexington and Concord begin the American RevolutionBattles of Breed's Hill and Bunker HillSecond Continental Congress meetsVirginia slave population equal in size to free white populationThomas Paine publishesCommon SenseThomas Jefferson drafts the Declaration of IndependenceContinental Congress approves term United States in place of United ColoniesBritish forces seize Long IslandBattle of PrincetonBattle of SaratogaCongress adopts Stars and Stripes as flagVermont abolishes slaveryBritish sieze Philadelphia Articles on Condederation approved by CongressContinental Army establishes winter quarters in Valley Forge, PennsylvaniaFriedrich von Stuben trains Continental Army at Valley ForgeFrance allies with the Untied States against BritianBritian evacuate PhiladelphiaNew York Militia destroys 40 Iroquois villages on the ground of British allianceSpain joins war against BritianBattle of CamdenPennsylvania passes legislation to gradually abolish slaveryHolland joins war against BritianBattle of YorktownVirginia cedes territory northwest of the Appalachian Mountains to the governmentStates ratify Articles of ConfederationHostilities ceaseHarvard Medical School foundedJ. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur writesLetters from an American Farmer Massachusetts abolishes slaveryTreaty of Paris grants U.S. IndependenceSpain closes Mississippi River to American naviagationThomas Jefferson appointed minister to FranceJohn Adams appointed minister to EnglandUniversity of Georgia chartered as the first U.S. State university Annapolis ConventionShay's RebellionNorthwest Ordinance passesFirst cotton factory in New England establishedConstitution ConventionConneticut CompromiseCongress adopts the ConstitutionFederalist Paperswritten by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison