Evaluate a Movie Poster

This movie is a movie that I would want to see because it has a large image and big bold words and it looks interesting. This movie draws attention because of the large image of the girl holding a gun. The poster has a good variety of colors that mix well with each other. The poster I think is giving some clue of what the movie would be about. I think the movie will be about a girl who is in Colombia. I think that because the title of the movie is Colombiana. It looks like it would be about a girl who lives in Colombia and the United States in a big city. I say that because on one side of her there is a city that looks olden and kind of poor. On the other side of her it look like there is a city from the United States with big towers and skyscrapers. I believe that this poster looks interesting and that people would want to go see it because of the girl holding a gun and two different cities on the sides of her. It draws the mystery to your mind on what will happen in the movie. I think that this movie poster is well created and is wanting viewers to go and watch this movie.

If I Ran My Own Amusement Park

If I ran an amusement park I would put up a bunch of attractions to keep people to stay longer. With the attractions I would have a big area for older kids and adults and I would have a big area of attractions for the younger kids. If I owned and ran an amusement park I would try to make things and sell them for exclusive items and things. These things would only be available for people who go to the park. It would not be sold in anyplace except for this amusement park. I would have as many attractions or rides that I could fit in the area of the place. I would put the most rides and a water park in this area than any other amusement park to get more people wanting to come this this one. I would also put up a bunch places where you could get food, drinks, and merchandise and things you can buy to remember the park. I would make everything expensive but not too expensive because if it were too expensive people wouldn't buy it, but if it were not too cheap and not too expensive then people would think it was a good deal and they would buy it. At the door to pay to get in I would have different lines for different people. I would have many different prices and deals. I would have a big discounted deal for people going as a family, people coming as a vacation, season passes, and a discounted deal for say a big group or a party of people coming the day. I would have different prices for people who come one day and people who come a couple days in a row. I would do a bunch of discounts because it would make people think that it isn't a big blow of money to get it. I believe that when people get discounts they are more likely to go place then when it is full price. I would have a big website with a bunch of picture on this website of the park for people to see. On this website I would have a place for people to comment how they think the park was so that other people could see how other people enjoyed it. It would be for fans or people to interact with each other on the home page. There would be tabs on the home page that would help you to discover new things and what the prices are to get in. It would say all the options of all the deals available. On the home page it would also have a search engine where you could search things that you wanted to know about the park. It would also have numbers of where you could contact the owner or the managers if you had questions. If I owned my own amusement park I would try to make it the best park ever so that people would have fun at it and tell others and then more and more people would come to it.

Evaluate Movie Trailer

The movie Mirror Mirror has a good trailer because of all the things it includes. I think this movie trailer used mostly the clips from the beginning of the movie and some parts of the middle. They added clips from the rest of the movie other than the beginning to give viewers some ideas of what the movie is about. The people who made this movie trailer did a good job of appealing their audience that they were targeting this movie to. From watching this trailer it led me to think that they were targeting young kids or young adults. It also led me to think they were targeting the people who like the old kid movies such as "The Beauty and The Beast", "Snow White", "Cinderella", and other movies like that. The trailer showed clips of the climax to leave the viewers wanting to go see it and see what the rest of the climax was. They left the audience they wanted to target wanting them to go and see the movie in the theater. From watching the trailer the movie seems to be a dramatic suspenseful movie. I think this movie trailer did a good job with leaving people wanting to go and watch the actual full movie in the theaters. The movie Mirror Mirror has a good trailer.

Top 3 Marketing Strategies Artists Want to Use

Three marketing strategies that artists and bands should use is, sign with a big label, make music people who you are targeting would want to listen to, make social media accounts or post your music on something that people can listen to it. The first thing is that bands and artists should sign with a big label because that is how you normally get in the big music business and get discovered by people. Even though with big labels you might not make a lot or any money at all you are still doing what you love and you have a bunch of supporters and fans. Also because major record labels have connections with a lot of people so it would be easier for you to go on tours and be able to have big concerts. The second this is to make music that people that you are targeting and other people in general would want to listen to. People don't want to listen to crappy music they want to listen to good music. If you make good music targeting who you want to target you will have more fans. With more fans it means that you might have more concerts, more tours, and more people will want to see you in concert or live it you are good. Another good strategy for artists and bands to do is make social media accounts for their fans to interact with them. It is a good idea to do that because then your fans will stay updated with you as an artist or a band. They will know when next albums will be released if you tell them and they will also know when your concerts will be. They will only know that if you tell them on the social networks that you have made for your career. There is many more strategies for artists and bands but those are probably going to give you the most fame and to be the most successful.

30 Seconds to Mars Reaction

From watching the movie "30 Seconds To Mars" I got to see how this record label went through and completely robbed the band. They robbed the band by taking all their money and putting them super far in debt. They took all their earnings from their music and the band barely got any of the money. I believe that from watching this movie that most artists don't know about the labels robbing them until they figure it out. I think that all artists figure out that they are not making any money after they have signed with the label for a few months or years. I also think from watching this movie that most artists or bands will still sign with big record labels because it would be a big moment when beings asked and they will think it is a once in a life time opportunity for them. It would also mean that the artist and band will turn famous and they will get their music heard from a bunch of people world wide. It means that they can do what they love and not sit and work another job on top of writing music. So I do think that people will still sign with a big record label even though it is a bad deal.

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