All About Transforming and Transferring Energy

By: Kathleen Mancia

The types of energy are Mechanical, Radiant, Solar, Gravitational, Chemical, Heat(thermal), Electrical, and Nuclear.

Nuclear energy can be converted into electrical energy. Nuclear power plants convert the nuclear fuel to make electricity for us. Nuclear energy is potential, but once it is converted to electrical energy it is kinetic because the electrons in the electricity are in motion.

Mechanical energy can be kinetic energy when because of the objects motion or potential energy because or the objects position. Mechanical energy can be transferred into sound energy by an instrument.

Radiant energy travels and doesn't stop. Light bulbs give off light which is energy of electromagnetic waves. It is kinetic energy because the energy is always moving.

Sound energy is kinetic energy that exists through vibrating waves. When you listen to music sound waves travel from the ear buds to your ears.

Chemical energy can be transformed into light energy like the firework when you light the firework powder (TNT) it turns into heat (thermal) energy and the light energy when it bursts in the sky with bright colors.


Energy cannot be destroyed or created.

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