Texas Oil Project

Texas Oil Boom at Spindletop

All about the discovery at Spindletop!!

On January 10, 1901 a drilling sight located near Beaumont in Jefferson County, Southeastern Texas called "Spindletop" gushed out more than 150 feet producing about 100,000 barrels a day. One of the many to be affected by the Oil Boom was Beaumont ,which was able to make more than 3.5 million barrels of oil in it's first year.

Other Discoveries

Other oil discoveries happened even before the Oil Boom. Let's start with the Native Americans. The Native Americans around the Beaumont area were well aware about the oil under them and started using the resource as medicine or drank it, hoping to help digestive problems. The Spanish explorers of 1543 used the resource as waterproofing their boots. The first oil well was in 1866 near Nacogdoches Texas. The oil drilling business really started when drillers from Corsicana Texas were drilling for water not oil. Not expecting the different liquid, the local drillers became annoyed of the oil nuisance and kept drilling for water.

Social Changes

Oil had a huge affect on social change, not only in Texas but in the U.S. In 1982 the U.S. became the leading oil producing country. The other social change was railroad transportation arrived for farmers and ranchers providing cheaper, easier, and faster ways to ship products.

Affect on Texas Education.

The oil boom affected Texas education in many ways. The first way it helped was when the congress saved 221,400 acres of land for a university, elementary schools, and secondary schools. The other way it helped was after the first saving of acres they added more land to the schools.

Affects we still see today!!

Thanks to the oil boom many things ran on oil or were made of oil. Today we still use oil. We still use cars that run on oil, many products are made out of oil, we still see drillers drilling into the ground for more oil, and we still use oil or petroleum for almost everything!!

10 things made out of petroleum!!

A lot of things that we use are made out of petroleum, which is a thick and black liquid that drillers look for but is also known as oil. Some of the things made out of petroleum are Compacts Disc (CD), makeup products, candles, medicines, camera film, pen ink, detergent, plant fertilizer, canned goods, and bandages. Three gross things made out of Petroleum are deodorant, toilet seats, and shaving cream.

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