1. A.- he is a mythical lumber jack who is usually believed to be a giant as well as a lumber jack of unusual skills. B. -he is older then the mountains but younger then the alphabet.

2. A.- Paul Bunyan mad a 200 feet thick floor for the axe men to walk and move around on. another thing he did was dive into lake superior and make the weather better. B.- his qualities prove that he was a strong and also clever man in the myths.

3.A- he swam up a pillar of water from lake superior and made it stop. B- some what dangerous things .

4. A- not really because its a lot of extreme exaggeration B.- A reporter using propaganda

5.A- lumber jacks had played a great role back then because electricity wasn't fully around when people wanted heating and to cook they would use wood. B-  he helped all people but in certain ways.


best known folk tale told all over the world passed down orally tradition. paul Bunyan  was a lumber jack and stood 7 feet tall with a stride of 7 feet. He was famous throughout the lumbering districts for his great physical strength. so great that his lung capacity he called his men through a tree stump for dinner some lumber jacks believed or pretended that he lived. they say he had a big blue ox named babe that went everywhere with him.   


folk-tale of giant man going around helping people with a great big blue ox named babe.

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