Cabot's Adventure!


Dear King Henry the VIII, I was wondering if you want to sponsor me for my travels to Asia (actually landed in Canada). I know you have gotten a lot of letters like this from other explorers like me but I think I am the best choice and here is why, I will try to get you anything you want like New Land for England to be dominant, Spices so you can make spoiled and bad food taste better, and most importantly gold so England can be one of the richest countries in the world! I also want to get some of those things for myself. I have also studied Columbus's path and  I am knowledgeable because of that and can land much faster than all the explorers that you might pick. It would be an honor if you chose me to explore the world on a ship for the country I live in and love, England. Sincerely, John Cabot (Amar Durakovic).

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