The Road Lies Ahead in Rhode Island

by Ally and Hayden

Founded by Roger Williams in 1636

Interesting Facts

-- We are the first colony to restrain importation of slaves.

-- In Dutch “Roodt Eylandt” means “red island”” because of the red clay that lines the shore.

-- We are quite small being 1,214 square miles, but this allows us to have a sense of community.

-- Our colony's founder, Roger Williams believed Indians should be paid for their land and that's why he rewarded the Narragansetts Indians for their land.

Why start a new colony?

Founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams, is a banished settler of Massachusetts.  He disagreed with the strict Puritan ways and because of that, he was kicked out.  He then purchased land from the Narragansetts Indians and eventually it turned into a new colony in 1636 with religious freedom the way Roger Williams likes it.

What kind of geography do we have?

Flat rolling hills, rocky soil that is difficult for farming, Lots of thick forests and salty rivers. Located east of Connecticut and south of Massachusetts along the Atlantic Ocean.

How do we make money?

We concentrate on industrial life, manufacturing and the exporting of rum. We also fish a lot which is good because of our coastal access.  Agriculture (dairy, livestock) also helps our economy boom. We can not easily farm because of our rocky soil.

How are we governed?

Our colony is governed as a charter colony. Our people have the same rights as  an Englishmen. We are largely self-governed and have a great amount of freedom within the rules of our charter.

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