The Boondocks

Brief History:
    In 2005, The Goon-city was founded by Robert Freeman, Riley Freeman, and Huey Freeman.  They had been tired of being told what they could and couldn't do.  So they decided that they were going to created their own country.  They started off by moving to an island that they could survive in with all the things that they owned.  

In Goon-city you only had to go to school Monday - Thursday from 9:45 to 3:00.  Boys and girls are allowed to go to school.  If you are absent one day you would have to make it up by going to school on Friday like a regular day.  There would be no cost of schooling and all the supplies you need will be provided by the schools.


Goon-city protects itself by having citizens go to war if they would want to.  If someone were to attack us the police would try to gather people to fight.  We would inform the people and they go to war.  The citizens feel safe because they know that their would be people out there trying to keep this country safe.  

Weather in Goon-city is perfect year round. As you are close to the water, in summer it doesn't get above the 80s. In the winter, the ocean serves to warm the land so it rarely gets below the 50s. It is rarely more than 50% humidity in Goon-city. For most people Goon-city has perfect weather.

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