An Un-Piansythic Compoemsition

A Free Verse poem by Me

A Compoemsition
A poem for the piano
Could be simple and sweet
or long and hard
but it doesn't always have to be for piano
now does it?

It could be orchestrated
and directed
with people on different instruments
making all different types of sounds.
but it really doesn't have to be on the piano
now does it?

Just let the sound melt
into your ears
and savor it
like ice cream quickly melting
No piano needed.
Could be strings, woodwinds,
maybe even someone's voice
but it doesn't even need to include the piano
now does it?

But my piano...
My sweet, grand piano...
The rhythms and sounds you can make
on that delightful, delightful
piece of wooden art
No need for any others.
press on the keys to make that wonderful,
piansythic sound.
It sounds absolutely lovely,
now doesn't it?