Horrific Hurricanes!    

Hurricane Formation

A hurricane forms when warm air rises over the ocean and the Coriolis Effect creates the counter-clockwise spin. The Coriolis effect is deflection of moving objects. Hurricanes can only form when the water is 80 degrees Fahrenheit or more and the wind can be from 74 mph-200 mph. Also they happen in a high pressure system means the sun is out so it might be pretty warm to heat the water.

Hurricanes in History

Hurricane Camille-  Hurricane Camille took place in 1969, which happened on the southern coast. Hurricane Camille killed about 150 people, damaged about $96 billion, and had the top wind speed of 190 mph.

Hurricane Katrina-  In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit the eastern coast. Hurricane Katrina killed about 1,836 people, left 705 people missing, damaged $1.421 billion dollars, and hit the top wind speed of 140 mph.

Stay Secure To Stay Safe

  • Keep your tree's trimmed so no branches fly off and damage your house.
  • Keep extra food that does not need to be cooked so you can easily eat without power.
  • Have a family disaster plan if you live near the ocean so your family knows what to do.
  • A deep water coastline won't allow a lot of water to go on shore.
  • Remove anything like bikes or scooter so they can't blow away or hit your house.
  • Concrete walls will allow your house to be secure and safe.
  • Board up you windows and garages so they can fly open.


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This is some of the damage from Hurricane Camille, which took place in 1969.

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