Monsters: Pumpkin Lurchmon

By: Britney Levitre

Pumpkin Lurchman is a monster that kills. He flies to pumpkin patches at night and uses his horn to get into the pumpkins. Lurchmon then waits for a family to pick the pumpkin he is in and take him home, when they begin carving the pumpkins he breaks out with his horn and kills the family. He then flies to another pumpkin patch to begin the cycle again.

Pumpkin Lurchmon killed family after family and people were so afraid to visit pumpkin patches that they became deserted for years.

One brave soul had had enough and they decided to put an end to Pumpkin Lurchmon's terrors. They went down to the pumpkin patch and stabbed each pumpkin until they had found Pumkin Lurchmon and when they did, they ended him once and for all.

Thanks to the hero who killed the monster, Halloween was saved and people were free to return to the pumpkin patches.

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