8MEH.2.2 The Decision Making Model

Step 1: Situation

You get invited to a party and there is going to be a lot of  cool kids there. Think is there going to be drinking or drugs?

Step 2: Options

You don't have to go to the party if you don't want to. You could go and say no to drugs. Or if they ask you, you could leave and maybe tell and adult.

Step 3: Possible Outcomes

If you go to the party and there is drinking or drugs you could say no and tell an adult because it could lead to drunk driving and someone could get killed. Or whoever is drinking under age or is doing drugs could get arrested.

Step 4: Values

Think about your family and what you have to live for in life. And if you drunk drive you could kill someone and they wouldn't be able to live the rest of their life.

Step 5: Act it

If you choose not to drink you should hang out with someone who doesn't influence you in a bad way causing you to do things that could risk someone elses life.

Step 6: Evaluate

Think about if you did the right thing?  Did it turn out right? Did it affect others? If you choose not to do the things that could risk your life or someone elses you did the right thing.

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