American Imperialism and  Ideals

The United States strengthening their ideals in the pursuit of foreign colonies and territories.

United States Marines with the captured flag of Augusto Cesar Sandino in Nicaragua during 1932

In 1926 a civil war broke out in Nicaragua. In order to contain the war and protect Americans and Nicaraguans, The US sent naval parties into the country. The parties established a neutral zone that later prevented many injuries and deaths. When the danger points moved inland, 3,000 U.S. Marines supported by planes landed at the request of the Nicaraguan government. After the war, US Sailors and Marines organized and trained an efficient National Guard so that their own government could protect their citizens lives.

American Marines during the occupation of The Dominican Republic

In 1916 The Dominican Republic was dealing with an unstable political situation that prevented them from paying back their debts that they owed to the US and other foreign countries. After their independence in 1844, The Dominican Republic had a hard time progressing on their own. They had been very inconsistent in their government by having 19 different constitutions and 50 different presidents. Rebellions and revolutions were common and due to their struggles the country’s debt had increased to $30 million dollars, an amount that they could never pay off. When The Dominican President Ramón Cáceres was assassinated, the nation erupted once again into civil war. America sent military troops into the country in order to protect the Dominicans that were in danger from the war. For eight years The US helped The Dominican Republic maintain a stable government.

US troops occupying Cuba in 1907

When Tomás Estrada Palma was elected as president, there were many Cubans who were unhappy. The U.S. intervened by occupying Cuba in order to prevent a rebellion. The US then named Charles Edward Magoon as Governor so Cubans could have a political leader and government order. Charles Edward Magoon was governor for three years and brought peace among the Cubans.

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