Athletic explains who I am because I love playing sports and being active everyday. At school I like to play sports such as basketball, soccer and football. Playing these sports help me be active and that is what I love to do. Being athletic is great because you get stronger and faster, if you run everyday you will be able to compete in matches and then you'll have a better chance of winning. For example if your not athletic and your dying to play a sport that you can't play. If you put your mind to anything you can be one of the most athletic people in your class. As you see being athletic is great. Try being athletic, you'll love it!!!!!!


Helpful is a very good trait that explains who I am because I like to help people out. I would always bring down the attendance from months ago. I had volunteered and I have been getting and bringing back the attendance since. It's great to help out my friends if their stuck on anything. I will always be there for a helping hand. I would always help my classmates incase of anything.


One can make a change, many can make a difference is my quote because it's true only one person can just help so much but if many people joined they can make their goal achieved even faster than just one person helping as much as the can.

Consider how you portray yourself. What image do you present to society and how do you do it?

How I think I portray myself is great. I like to portray myself by being who I am. Being who I am keeps me in character. I like to be inclusive and nice/polite to people. Another way how I like to portray myself is doing what I like to do. Which is meaning what I would usually do everyday that is what I would like to do the most. For example I am athletic, so everyday for 2 hours I like to go outside and just be free to do what I want. The image I present to society is common. I present that I am a sporty guy, if anybody names any sport I would play it anytime any day. Sports is what I usually play. Some sports that I like to play are basketball, soccer and football are mostly the sports I would play. The key for how I portray myself is that I put my mind to what I want to do and that's how I'll do it. Everybody has a different way to portray themselves but for me personally I like to do everything I do. Being athletic isn't hard if you put your mind to anything you can get anywhere with the motivation you have in yourself.

If you could portray a different persona (or even an alter ego) what would it be and how does it differ from how you usually portray yourself?

If I had wanted to portray a different persona or alter-ego I would have chosen to be sneaky. Sneaky would be my alter-ego because it's literally the opposite of me. If anyone's sneaky it's not great because your always ease dropping and getting in everyone's business  and for me personally I would not want to be that in the future ahead of me. Being sneaky is very different to who I am now because to friends and family they see me as a kind and polite person and speaking for me I would not want to be a sneaky person. Imagine if you had someone over your shoulder and wouldn't go away that's literally the definition of sneaky. Sneaky wouldn't be cool it would be weird and bad. Think how you would feel always bothering someone everyday. Wouldn't you feel mad or bad. Think how you would feel if your bothering someone everyday. Wouldn't you feel mad with yourself to what you are doing to people around you. If someone was doing that to me I would not want to be that person in the future. Even if I had to chose sneaky as my alter-ego I still wouldn't want to be it.

Do people see you the way you want to be seen? How would you like people to see you? Discuss the legacy you are leaving at Allan Drive.

People do see me as the way I want to be seen because mostly people see me as a nice, kind and friendly person. I would most likely for people to see me as a athletic, fun and kind person that they would want to be friends with. Being kind to people is great. It shows that you have a great attitude and you always have a positive impact and not negative ideas to put out into society. Usually,I am a basketball player and sometimes I also like to play a variety of sports. What I think that my legacy would be at Allan Drive Middle School is my knowledge of basketball. Whenever, I play basketball I would always try to do the best I can. That's why mostly the people in our school say that I am one of the best basketball players at school and that I should play in the NBA. That's a great feeling to have. Basketball is one of my best sports and that is what I am the best at.

How is your legacy represented within your digital footprint. (Twitter, IG, Facebook and Vine)

I think that my legacy represented within my digital footprint is that if I had a social media site or account I would want for people to see the real me. Also, people can see what I like and that I am a fun, positive and up beat person. On Instagram people usually post where they are and also selfies  of themselves. Also another social media site is Facebook. My legacy for that site if I had an account for it would be that I wasn't one of the people to post unusual things about myself. I would stop it and not be a part of it. On social media sites people sometimes like to fool around and have fun with it and that is what I would like to do but not in a bad way. Instagram you can get more followers by posting cool and exciting things that is going on. So if I had a social media site this is what I would want to do. Digital footprints can also show who you are too.

I chose the Toronto raptors because Toronto was where I was born and I have been a Toronto fan ever since. Basketball has always been one of my interests and I just love to watch my favourite team on t.v. My favourite player on the raptors is Demar DeRozan because he is a long time raptors and is physically great at playing basketball when it comes to game day.

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