Athens Rebuilt!

come visit athens

do you love debate and asking questions? well so did the Greeks there were philosophers that asked a lot of question like the meaning of life and happiness and formed ideas about the world and how it works because of this the Greeks thought more rationally and realistically and created the study of history and how the world works.

do you also like science? Greeks began learning about body structure and plants and animals which helped them with their medical research and found out a lot about how to identify plants and medicine. they also were the ones to suggest the earth move around the sun this research helped scientist today accurately predict eclipses of the moon.

do you like looking for answers to unexplained things? the Greeks did too and they often found the answers in mathematics. one scientist believed numbers were keys to the answers he also loved geometry which was first used to measure land but then was used to find more complex things like how much seeds for farming a field.

do you enjoy sports? the Greeks did they thought sports and the Olympics showed strength. many sports came from ancient Greek the Olympic games were first in 776 b.c to honor Zeus a god. they had the “five contest” which are footrace,discus throw, long jump, javelin throw, and wrestling to test skills even though they were modified there still an Olympic event today.

do you like Architecture? Greeks used columns to use to make their temples safe, balanced, and stately.Greek style is still used in many buildings today like schools churches libraries and museums. a Greek Technic today came from a stoa which is house with a covered porch. the Greeks invented the three classical orders and vocabulary for Architecture that we still use today over 2500 years later.

do you love theater? the Greeks invented both tragedy and comedy that are still used a lot in plays today. myths also played a key role in drama writers throughout the ages have been inspired by Greek myths myths and stories and Greek dramas are still performed today even after all those years.


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